Structural Stainless Steel

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Our product range inlcudes SS Channels, MS Channels, MS Beam, GI Sheets, SS Tubes, SS Round Bars

Structural steel has many applications across a wide range of industries namely, construction, manufacturing, transport, mining, shipbuilding, energy, and packaging. It is the most preferred metal by architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and fabricators. It is highly durable, corrosion resistant, tensile and affordable. Below listed are a few structural steel applications in different industrial sectors.


Structural steel has multiple applications in the construction industry. It is used in designing and building industrial spaces. Structural steel has a high strength to weight ratio which makes it ideal to use in the construction of large structures such as buildings, warehouses, bridges, factories etc. Beams, steel frames, columns, bars, girders, plates and many others are created by structural steel fabricators which are used in the construction industry.


Structural steel is used to manufacture trucks, transmissions, trains, rails and ships, anchor chains, aircraft undercarriages, and jet engine components. Most of these vehicles contain a good proportion of structural steel. Engineers and designers opt for structural steel because of its elasticity, corrosion resistance, tensile strength, ductility, malleability, and affordability.


The mining industry has many applications of structural steel. Most of the elements in the mining infrastructure are built using structural steel. All workshops, offices, structural elements of mines such as mining screens, fluidized bed boilers, buildings are made using structural steel. Structural steel is easy to clean because of its smooth surface thereby making it an ideal choice for the mining industry.

Ship Building

Most marine vehicles are created using structural steel. It is used to make supertankers, submarines, boats, ladders, steel flooring and grating, stairs and fabricated sections of steel. Structural steel can withstand a lot of external pressure, it does not rust and can be molded into any shape easily; these qualities makes structural steel extremely useful in the shipbuilding industry.


There are many structural steel applications in the energy sector. Energy sector comprises of wind power, nuclear power, electric power and natural gas. A lot of the industrial structures such as transmission towers, pipelines, wind turbines, electromagnets, transformer cores, oil and gas wells are made using structural steel. Apart from this, there are many other structural steel applications in the energy sector.


Steel is considered to be a good element for packaging as it protects the products from water, air, light exposure, and contaminants. The steel used in packaging is usually tin coated to prevent corrosion. Food, beverage containers, bottle caps and other closures are made using structural steel. “Packaging steel is made of low carbon cold rolled steel strip, and are surface finished.”



Angle Bars are the most basic type of roll-formed steel. They are formed by bending a single angle in a piece of steel. Angle Steel is ‘L’ shaped; the most common type of Steel Angles are at a 90 degree angle. The legs of the “L” can be equal or unequal in length. Steel angles are used for various purposes in a number of industries. Framing is one of the most common uses for steel angles, but steel angles are also used for brackets, trim, reinforcements, and many other uses. The larger the steel angle, the more weight and stress it can bear.

We supply Angle Bars in Mild & Stainless Steel.


A Channel is a hot-rolled “C” shaped Structural Steel sections. Constructed using a vertical web and top and bottom horizontal flanges with inside radius corners, it is available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. The shape provides superior structural support, making it an ideal product for frames and braces used for machinery, enclosure, vehicle, building and structural support applications.

We supply Channels in Mild & Stainless Steel.


Flat bar is available in various grades and a wide variety of sizes. Typical uses include – Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing, Mining Infrastructure, Non-Residential Construction, Residential Construction, Transport & Storage.

We supply Flat Bars in Mild & Stainless Steel.


Universal beams (UB), commonly referred to as “I” beams, are named after the ‘I’ shaped appearance of their cross section. The vertical middle section of the beam is known as the 'web' and the horizontal components are called 'flanges'. The vertical “web” of a Universal Beam is significantly longer than horizontal “flange”. Commonly used in on the horizontal in building structures to support floors or roofs. Universal Columns (UC), commonly referred to as “H” beams, are named after the ‘H’ shaped appearance of their cross section. The vertical middle section of the beam is known as the 'web' and the horizontal component is the 'flange'. The vertical “web” and the horizontal “flange” of a Universal Column are very similar in length. Columns, as with beams, are mainly used in structural applications.

We supply Beams in Mild & Stainless Steel.


Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes that are used for a variety of purposes. Steel pipe is made using three main methods: Seamless (extrusion mould), Welded and Casting Mould. The primary benefit of steel pipe is its strength. These pipes don’t crack under most impacts and can operate under high pressure. Under abnormal loads, steel pipe will bend, rather than break. Steel pipe can be used in many different applications including building construction, structural and mechanical uses.

We supply Pipes in Galvanized Iron, Mild & Stainless Steel.


Round bar is a long, cylindrical metal bar which is available in a variety of metals including hot rolled or cold rolled steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloy steel, brass and more; and in many different diameters ranging from 1/4″ up to 24”.

Steel round bars are available in hot rolled or cold rolled. Hot rolled round bar is typically used for applications like construction where finish and precise dimensions aren’t a priority. Conversely, cold rolled round bar is used for applications where a superior surface finish and exact dimensions are essential. Some common applications of steel round bar include frameworks, supports, braces, shafts, and axles.


Steel plates, or structural steel plates are simply sheet material made of steel in various thicknesses that can be can be used to create a huge variety of products and structures. It is both corrosion and abrasion resistant. The very common uses of steel plate include Building & construction, Automotive, Shipping containers, Ship Building & Appliances.

We supply Sheets / Plates in Galvanized Iron, Brass, Mild & Stainless Steel.


Square & Rectangular Hollow Section are wit a hollow core inside. It is available in a range of wall heights and thicknesses and is commonly used for the manufacture of frames, in commercial & domestic construction and in handyman projects for gates and posts.

We supply Hollow Tubes in Mild & Stainless Steel.